Welcome message

Dear KAGRM Members,

KAGRM was founded in March 2010 with the aim of ‘to do our best to develop and distribute appropriate research, education, and treatment technologies for elderly diseases and disabilities in Korea.’ March 2020 was the 10th anniversary of our academy.

As our society is rapidly aging, the field of geriatric medicine is drastically developing. Geriatric rehabilitation has become an indispensable component in the field of medicine and health care. Over the past decade, we have established the fundamentals of academic and institutional studies through various academic activities, publication of textbook, and implementation of accreditation system. We are deeply grateful for the effort of the members who have contributed to the establishment and activities of KAGRM.

With the experience of the activities of the past decade, we will make more efforts to create a field that develops and provides customized rehabilitation treatment based on the recovery mechanism of damaged physical functions of the elderly. Through the systematic study and knowledge sharing from basic to clinical medicine, we will lead the research on rehabilitation medicine for the elderly and endeavor to present treatment standards. In addition, we will strive to make systematic programs to educate and nurture professionals specialized in geriatric rehabilitation medicine. KAGRM will also continue to play a social role in constructing a healthy society through the establishment and development of medical care policy for elderly people according to changes in the elderly medical environment.

We hopefully look forward to your cooperation in the future-oriented progress of KAGRM.

January, 2021
Seong Woong Kang,
Chairperson of Korean Academy of Geriatric Rehabilitation Medicine