Welcome message

Dear members of our society.

The Korean Academy of Geriatric Rehabilitation Medicine was founded in the spring of 2010 with the purpose of "contributing to the improvement of national health through research, validation, education, and institutional arrangements in the field of geriatric rehabilitation medicine" and adopted the mission "Creating a happy world through healthy aging in the age of 100" as part of the 10th anniversary of the society.

We, the Korean Academy of Geriatric Rehabilitation Medicine, are asked to play a variety of roles in our already aging society, including promoting academic understanding of the pathogenesis and rehabilitation of organ damage and disability due to the progression of various degenerative diseases, which have been assigned as our main clinical areas, developing medical resources and training professionals to solve the problems of pain and disability experienced by individual patients, and building and utilizing social resources to address the marginalization and isolation of the elderly and aging disabled in need of rehabilitation.

The evidence-based medical practice, problem-solving research, training of the professionals that the times demand, and policy alternatives and practices that make this socially achievable are indeed important tasks that require the passionate sweat, fervent prayers, and hands and feet of many of our colleagues in the field.

Kim Chang-Hwan M.D., Ph.D.